While at a hotel I was wondering if they clean under the bed

While at a hotel I was wondering if they clean under the bed

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  1. tetrisGOAT Reply

    And the first thing they do is throw a peper there.

  2. brap Reply

    Plot twist: Sign was placed by bedbugs, for other bedbugs.

  3. BindersOfWomen Reply

    plot twist: still haven’t cleaned the comforter

  4. Akkarr Reply

    I can’t help but wonder how long it has been there for.

  5. Jaer Reply

    Thanks, now I have to check under every hotel bed I sleep on.

  6. schemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemen Reply

    Sassy *** hotel.

  7. mdotdub Reply

    lick it.,

  8. FueledByOJ Reply

    Seems legit.

  9. petetopkevinbottom Reply

    Plot twist: put under there so they don’t have to clean

  10. omnibishop Reply

    The sign has been there since 1987.

  11. IamSamuelLJackson Reply

    a lot of *** goes on under there

  12. DaKensta Reply

    No monsters here.

  13. astrid288 Reply

    … go to petsmart, get the black-light urine detector kit… it shows all bio fluids… never sleep in a hotel again…

  14. Karnagon Reply

    Where’d my dead hooker go?

  15. linkedbyfate13 Reply

    I looked under the bed in a hotel once. There was a half eaten sandwich in a bag.

  16. GROW1GetRapedOnWalk Reply

    Question has been answered

  17. brap Reply

    I once found a half-used bar of soap between two stacked “clean” towels in my room. Now I leave notes in there, to the next guest.

  18. WhatUpMyNinjas Reply

    That’s the definition of efficiency.

  19. RaptorBreath Reply

    Take it out and see if another one appears tomorrow. It’s the only way to really tell.

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