This Bizarre UFO Was Just Seen Flying Over Manchester

It’s been a little while since we covered a UFO sighting here on this site, but that doesn’t mean the UFOs have stopped appearing. Quite the contrary, because there seem to be more and more spotted every single day. While these sightings are all of various qualities and might not even be UFOs at all, there are always those that stand apart as frighteningly authentic.

Take, for the example, what was captured in the video below. It features a cigar-shaped UFO hovering over the English city of Manchester. Though the video has only recently been making the rounds online, it was uploaded back in December and I just have one thing to say: It’s creepily convincing.

I want to believe!

(via Mysterious Universe)

Sadly, even though I love UFOs, I’m a bigger fan of logic and reasoning. It’s very possible that what we’re seeing is a weather balloon of some kind. Still, there’s no conclusive proof one way or the other, so you are free to believe anything you want.

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