This Abandoned House In The Middle Of The Woods Is Straight Out Of A Horror Movie…

The new thing in Hollywood seems to be taking well-known fairytale classics and adding a dark, edgy spin. Well, this creepy abandoned house in Denmark achieves that marriage between storybook-whimsy and horror film-creepy aesthetics without even trying.

Redditor bamoamn discovered this long-abandoned cottage in the swamps of Jutland that looks like a place where an evil witch might lure two unsuspecting children into her oven. Oh! And there’s also a creepy furnace inside…

This isn’t a still from a Tim Burton film, this is a VERY real place in Jutland, Denmark.

The house is surrounded by a swampy moat. Bamoamn said he was only able to get to it by walking along a large, fallen tree.

One local story claims that the house was built by a farmer who was evicted from his other home by the Nazis. It said that the Germans never managed to find him all the way out in the bogs of Jutland.

There’s a different tale that says locals built the home as a gift to a **** commander. He used it as a hunting cottage and often entertained other hunters in the area.

The stone reads “Flintholm,” which means “flint house” in Danish.

There were once two stories and an attic, but clearly all has been rotted away. The writing on the wall there says “kalksalpeter,” or “calcium nitrate” in English.

Here you can see the suspiciously child-sized furnace.

After exploring once, bamoamn plans to return for an overnight trip in July — what a wonderful way to spend a summer evening…

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After doing some research, bamoamn found that the true story behind Flintholm was that it was built as a recreational getaway in the 1930s by Peder Madsen Pedersen. It was never used as a hideaway from Nazis, but Pedersen and his family were evicted from their home when the German army invaded Jutland.

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