So, there was a fight in the hotel lobby last night…

So, there was a fight in the hotel lobby last night...

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  1. thatpatguy Reply

    Chicks just love horsing around.

  2. zekester Reply

    asian guard looks amused

  3. Phumphetta Reply

  4. Arthurtwoshedsjackson Reply

    Where’s peter griffin?

  5. BananaInYourEar Reply

    Too much “Hotline Miami” got me crazy ideas of where this is going 😐

  6. Crowverlord Reply

  7. buglegit Reply

    guess what it looked like when i fought that chicken .. :

  8. CaptainButtbeard Reply

    Something something Peter Griffin.

  9. DeNiro Reply

    Put me down for 50 on the chicken.

  10. elreddy Reply

    looks like some fowl play going on here

  11. ChadWallace Reply

    Thank you.

  12. raoulduke25 Reply

    Where’s Peter Griffin?

  13. afroniner Reply

    Where’s Peter?

  14. vissago Reply

    I took this photo last year at Shmoocon. This year’s shmoocon has a tough act to follow 😀

  15. DutchThrows Reply

    Just seems like some horsing around to me.

  16. Jojuhama Reply

    So it’s not just Peter Griffin that got the bad coupon from a chicken

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