Loud Duck Gets The Attention Of A Man Who Helps Rescue Her Babies

When her babies got in trouble, this mama duck knew exactly what to do. She quacked for help!

She might not be able to show it, but this mother duck must feel so grateful for the helpful humans that came to help rescue her babies. Nine kids are a lot to handle, and when they’re all so curious and running around all over the place, things happen.

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While taking a stroll one day, her little ducklings fell down a storm drain. That’s when the alarmed mama began quacking and squawking like crazy. Luckily, there was a kind man nearby who came over to investigate. Once he realized what had happened, he called the Phoenix Fire Department for help.

Awesome work by all those involved!

I was really hoping to see her reunited with her babies at the end, but at least we know they all ran to her and are now safe and sound.

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