It Looks Like This Fish Is In Serious Trouble, But It Actually Belongs Here

Have you ever heard the saying “a fish out of water”? It’s often used to describe someone or something that’s out of place, but these bizarre fish are exactly where they are meant to be.

Mudskippers are a unique breed of amphibious fish found in the Indo-Pacific region and on Africa’s Atlantic coast. While their specialized anatomy makes it possible for them to survive on dry land or in water, they prefer to spend most their time in muddy, intertidal regions.

As they “walk” on pelvic fins with their cheeks engorged with water, these fish are quite a sight to behold!

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I can’t decide if they’re really cute or super creepy, but either way, I’ve never seen anything like them. Be sure to share this video of these incredible creatures with your friends and family!

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