Booked my hotel based on this reveiw!

Booked my hotel based on this reveiw!

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  1. breags Reply

    This review blew me away

  2. IDontRememberIfItWasATelecasterOrAStratocaster Reply

    So, Pete… Hard-up for a vacation spot, are we?

  3. YouDontSeeMe Reply

    Got a BJ and still only 4/5

  4. badmojoe Reply

    What kinda hotel is this!?

  5. darkethereal Reply

    I’m pretty sure Maria and Rosa cleaned your *** stained towels and blew off your attempts. Don’t confuse yourself.

  6. BaconGod31 Reply

    Did you also base it off this review?

  7. ThatGuyStaringAtYouFromTheCorner Reply

    *review …. Sorry.

  8. thisisnottheguystaringatyou Reply

    so……are you gonna share this hotel with us?

  9. jaimsvanderbeek Reply

    House keeping. You want me jerk you off?

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