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Recently, demand for the resorts has seen a sudden rise, both key reasons being increasing global business interest and growing interest in tourism. There are different types of hotels to choose from depending upon your interest and budget. The hotels are classified keeping the location and style in mind and every classification has its own clientele. Star system is used to classify the resorts keeping the facilities and services on offer. Luxuries on offer and star are in direct connection that is, more the number of stars more will be the services promised by the hotel. The classification can be in the every type of hotel too. If a budget hotel wish to progress to a star hotel, the journey is a long and difficult one as it requires more services, space and money. Popular types of hotel classifications as per the hotel industry are:Budget hotels: These hotels provide economy stay- limited amenities for affordable prices.


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Donahue, Phil Biography

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Ella son las gemelas más hermosas del mundo Radio YA

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MTV Hotties   TV Fanatic

MTV Hotties TV Fanatic

These hotels are at a small distance from the popular areas. The downside is that these hotels do not have on-site restaurants. Some of these restaurants offer complimentary continental breakfast.Airport hotels: As the name suggests these hotels are near the airports. The majority of the airport hotels offer free shuttle to-and-fro in the airport. Airport hotels are favored mostly by business tourists as the travelling cost and time both are saved.Resort resorts: If on a family vacation you must prefer resort resorts. People prefer these resorts as they feature fun and relaxing amenities. A few of the services that you may find at resort hotels are gym, spa, Jacuzzi, spa, Kids room, card room, tennis court, baby sitting services, pool bar and even mountain or beach locations. Because of the amount of luxuries amenities offered hotel hotels have high celebrities to their credit.Casino hotels: Guests who love gambling prefer casino hotels over other categories. Most casino hotels provide free dinner or stay if you spend a specific amount of money or stipulated hours at the casino. Casino hotels offer luxuries services such as: restaurant, pool, fitness center, spa, indoor shopping. Though, the major attraction is the night life at these resorts. You will find dance clubs, shows or comedians performing here to keep the guests entertained. The amount of celebrity depends upon three things: location, amenities and room quality.Commercial resorts: Business travelers prefer commercial resorts due to the company services and amenities offered.

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There are multiple seminar rooms and banquet facilities to accommodate conventions and conferences. Most of these hotels have conference room, video conferencing feature, projector, high-speed net for the ease of the commercial clients. Commercial hotels are mostly situated in downtown and feature multi-cuisine on-site restaurant.Suite resorts: This category of hotel is preferred by families on holiday. The main reason for that couple and children receive a space of their own. These hotels have several rooms or might have pull-out bed. Typically suite hotels have luxurious amenities and services like fitness center, pool, bar, lounge, baby sitting services, on-site restaurant and a lot more.Internet has made our lives easy and it’s possible to obtain the best hotels on the web. However, before you make the reservations compare the costs and services provided.

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