20 Toys You Should Absolutely Not Buy For Your Kids

We’ve all seen questionable children’s toys from time to time.

While many seem to be fairly innocent, though, others are just blatantly inappropriate and make you wonder what exactly those toy makers were thinking.

If you’re not sure what I mean, just check out the disturbing products below — but don’t be surprised if your face gets stuck in a permanent grimace.

1. It was already disturbing enough with just one baby.

2. Because narwhals aren’t fun unless they’re impaling other animals.

3. “This is mein favorite doll!” Okay, I’ll stop.

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4. There’s really no way to misinterpret the intended use.

5. That’s not racist at all…

6. For all the rowdy little rascals in your life.

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7. “Fun up & fun down! Take it anywhere!”

8. How did this ever get approved to be sold?

9. Out of all the plushies you could make, you choose these?

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10. I am so confused and creeped out right now.

11. That’s just nasty.

12. I’m sure they had good intentions, but really?

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13. If these toy makers were trying to give children nightmares, they completely nailed it.

14. This Japanese toy is basically Russian roulette for kids.

15. I’d like to know who thought this was a good idea.

16. This is a great way to turn your child into a serial killer.

17. It’s Hasbro’s My First Demon Summoner!

18. The quote makes it even worse.

19. That’s not the only thing it looks like.

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20. Start ’em while they’re young!

I only have one thing to say to the people who made all these toys:

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