18 Genius Ways To Use Conditioner That Have Nothing To Do With Your Hair

As part of your “lather, rinse, repeat” routine, you’re probably all too familiar with the benefits of conditioning your hair.

Hair conditioner can help hydrate your hair and keep it feeling silky smooth. But did you know you can use it for more than just hair health? Like most products on the market, conditioner is also incredibly useful around the house and as a beauty aid.

So to help find a use for those hotel-size samples you swiped during your summer vacation or to burn through that crazy stockpile you have going on, here are 18 uses for conditioner that will make everyday life a heck of a lot easier.

1. Quit paying outrageous dry cleaning bills and clean your delicates at home by mixing a tablespoon of conditioner into a sink full of room temperature water. Let your clothing soak for a few minutes, rinse, and then air dry.

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2. Next time you wash your makeup brushes, add a dollop of conditioner to the water to keep bristles soft and flexible.

3. Apply a small amount of hair conditioner to your cuticles to soften the skin before pushing them back.

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